If you really want to know more about me you can watch me in HD video teaching on 10 videos for a total of over 5 and a half hours on recent anti-aging breakthroughs which is at www.helpsheal.com . I am a realist that believes in testing everything to discover if it is true and do not just believe in something because of my background and roots of identity. I have found what I know to be everlastingly and ultimately real, true and fulfilling by the strong validation objectively of solid scientific evidences and personal events in my life, and also subjectively through intimate experience of fellowship, presence and revelation from God through Jesus Christ. I have 4 years beyond secondary high school from a large inter-denominational Christian college. I could easily have become a Pastor but have chosen the wilderness of trials and hard knocks because of my vision for God's ultimate purpose to bring forth His corporate bride around the world in these last days. You would find I am well educated mainly because I am self taught and not because I went to a Bible college. I tend to be intellectual and a deep thinker but you would also discover that I am a very free spirited, romantic and passionate person. I have also been writing two very interesting books and one should be published in 2016. The other book is a very large book on the secret of abiding in ultimate economy Who is God. This book has very original thought and understanding that effectively answers the hardest questions. For most of my life, I have been very pro-active to reverse the aging process. I am an expert in anti-aging medicine and have a medical doctor that is a graduate from the American Academy of Anti-aging medicine that has helped me towards far greater youthfulness. I have caused a biological age reversal criteria of, I believe, around 25 to 30 years. For many years I have been a member of some of the top anti-aging organizations around the world which regularly send me cutting edge breakthrough research discoveries. I have applied much of this research to reverse my biological age and help others overcome health issues and disease. My life style involves weight lifting 3 times a week, and on the other 3 days I do around 20 minutes of five 35 second high speed uphill sprints which is far superior in beneficial results then doing a ten kilometer long distance run.