Insomnia Cure: How I Easily Cured Chronic Insomnia

Sleep insomnia is when a person finds difficulty falling asleep when he or she wants it badly. As you may have guessed, insomnia is a sleeplessness disorder. In some cases, it can also be like a person has difficulty getting up in the morning. This case is called as delayed sleep phase syndrome. This type of insomnia is mostly found in young adolescence. So, it can be said with certainty that a lot of sleep can’t cure insomnia. After taking a natural sleep remedy, people always feels better and energetic. Instead of relaxing, people tend to do some extra work. This is not advisable, as we should always give a chance to make natural sleep remedy to work.

* More is not good: Sleeping more is not the way to cure insomnia. After spending a long and tiresome time in bed awake, you may fall asleep at last. However, you should not sleep too much as it may delay your next sleep schedule. You should always follow your time and routine for a better sleep.

There are different therapies and remedies to cure insomnia, apart from conventional medications. Some of the remedies and therapies are as follows

* Sleep restriction therapy: Sleep restriction therapy is a kind of , which is based on the concept that many insomnia patients spend their time on bed. More time spent on bed contributes to prolonged night of wakefulness; sleep fragmentation or poor quality of sleep etc. Therefore, it is treated in such a way by reducing the time in bed equivalent to his or her sleep time.

* Stimulus control: The concept behind this stimulus control therapy is to condition our mind psychologically to feel comfortable with our bedroom, where we are going to sleep at. To get better sleep, one should always reserve his or her bed, which one feels comfortable to sleep.

* Relaxation techniques: In order to clear the mind and unwind the body, a patient needs to exercise. This kind of therapy is known as relaxation technique. This exercise includes deep breathing, stretching and meditation, which help in inducing relaxation, and control sleeps. In some case, reading a book or listening to some soft music induces sleeps.

* Biofeedback: The method of monitoring a person using a machine called electrocephalogram is known as Biofeedback. It is used to distinguish a person’s mood and state of mind. The ECG or the electrocephalogram measures the brainwave activity in our brain. This method is also used to treat the patients by examining their physical condition and kind of mood they are having.

* Cognitive Behavioral therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy has a tremendous impact on treating an insomnia patient. It provides a lasting relief to people having . The concept of this therapy is addressing a person’s behavior through providing education and establishing better sleep habits.

* Light therapy: Light therapy tricks our body making us feel that it is a bedtime. It is based on the concept that the circadian rhythm is influenced by the amount of light experienced by an individual.

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