Sleep Aids That Really Work

Natural Sleep Aids to Help You Sleep Better

Natural sleep aids are a good way to cure insomnia or any other sleep deprivations that people can suffer from. Also as they are 100% natural they do not have the side effects that prescribed drugs and can cause to certain people and they also do not have as many medications, which is good for people that suffer with certain allergies to different drugs.

There are many different types of that can be very effective but none can match a based on an amazing NASA anti aging breakthrough discovery. This device emits a 10Hz square wave frequency which NASA discovered turned off 175 aging genes and turned on 150 youth restoring genes. This sleep machine also significantly protects and increases the health and amount of the mitochondria which are the energy producers of our body the reside in our cells. While sleeping at night this sleep machine converts the extra energy into greater healing processes in our body so that the body has a far greater ability to restore and repair itself. When you put the pulsating square wave under your pillow it stars with a square wave frequency of 14 Hz which makes one very alert and gradually goes down to the 10 Hz square wave frequency. The result is the brain is entrained by these waves into a deep sleep at the 10 Hz frequency which is the frequency the brain happens to have for deep sleep.  

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Natural can be found in herbs, relaxation techniques and also your day to day diet. Herbs are a very effective depending on the use you give them and the dosage you take. These herbs can be different types which can include valerian which should normally be taken about half an hour before bed and can normally be taken as an infusion or tea. Melatonin is also a very effective aid and must also be taken about half hour before going to bed.

Relaxation techniques are also a very effective method of relieving insomnia or sleep deprivation. These techniques can include deep breathing exercises, walking, reading a book for enjoyment, taking a warm shower or bath and meditation. If these techniques are carried out not long before you go to bed you will find that your body and mind are a lot more relaxed and you will find that you sleep a lot quicker.

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Your diet can also affect the way you sleep and can be one of the main causes for insomnia or sleep deprivation. By making small changes in your diet, for example, a lower intake of caffeine, especially in the afternoons and evenings, and not eating as much before you go to bed, your body will be put under less strain of digestion and will be more relaxed.

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