★ 8 HOURS ★ Vacuum Cleaner Sound ★ White Noise Sound for Babies to Go to Sleep

I am sure you have heard something about the terms white noise and background noise and the possibility of them helping you to fall asleep. They can also be used to help infants and small children doze off, help you fall asleep when you travel, and also help you be more productive while working. These are just a few of the benefits of sound machines, and we want to take a closer look at them here to see how they can help you and how they work.

To understand the concept of white noise you just need to be reminded of a common occurrence we have all experienced. Maybe you have lived in a place where there was constant background noise that never went away like car traffic, children playing, or factory machines. After a while you start to get used to this constant noise and it can help you to focus and get your work done. It can have a calming a relaxing effect if the noise volume is low enough. This is the idea behind white noise.

Researchers have given this noise the term white because of how the color white interacts with any light. You might think white has no color but really it is a combination of many different colors. This same ideas can be applied to noise if a constant generated sound contains all different frequencies of sound all at the same time. Now extrapolate this idea as if you were in a large stadium packed with people and watching a sporting event. All of the noise cancels out with one another, and you are able to hear someone talking next to you. This is the idea behind white noise, and how it could possibly help you get to sleep better.

The way this concept works for sound machines is that they will generate a more pleasant sound that will absorb any background noise. If you live near a busy street or have noise neighbors the sound machine will mask all of this and give you a more soothing sound to calm you down. Typically these white noise machines produce a sound that seems as if air is rushing by, or it sounds sometimes like a ceiling fan on high speed. Some sound machines will also generate sounds from nature like ocean waves, a babbling brook, a soothing summer breeze, or even the beating sound of a heart beat.

A white noise or sound machine can provide you with several benefits. First off, it can help you get to sleep more easily and give you a better night of rest. If you have an infant or small children who are restless a noise machine can calm them down and help them doze off to sleep. Some people have difficulty sleeping when they travel, and you can buy portable sound machines to take with you for this purpose. Some people like to have background noise in their home that is pleasant and soothing and they use their sound machine for this also. Employers have also found that using a pleasant white noise sound can increase worker productivity. All of these uses are appropriate for sound machines.

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